Thieme Chemistry | 11月有机化学内容精选 2023-11-24

Thieme Chemistry最新一期的精选内容来了,不要错过有机化学领域正在发生的精彩内容。


Issue 20 / 2023 >

Issue 21 / 2023 >

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Zinc-Mediated C–H Metalations in Modern Organic Synthesis

Daria K. Wanic, Rebecca Melvin, Graeme Barker

Zinc-Mediated C–H Metalations.gif


Issue 17 / 2023 >

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New Advances in Sultine Chemistry

Zhiming Zhu, Zhengxi Deng, Xinke Ouyang, Chao Shu

New Advances in Sultine Chemistry.jpg

Organic Materials

Issue 3 / 2023 >

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[4 + 4]-Imine Cage Compounds with Nitrogen-Rich Cavities and Tetrahedral Geometry

Ke Tian, Xubin Wang, Moritz P. Schuldt, Sven M. Elbert, Frank Rominger, Michael Mastalerz

[4 + 4]-Imine Cage Compounds with Nitrogen-Rich.jpg


Issue 4 / 2023 >

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Chlorophyll: A Greener Catalyst in Synthetic Transformations

Simranpreet K. Wahan, Gaurav Bhargava, Pooja A. Chawla



Issue 11 / 2023 >

Synfact of the Month

Predictable, Scalable Aliphatic C–H Oxidation of Complex, Drug-Like Molecules

Original article by   R. K. Chambers, J. D. Weaver, J. Kim, J. L. Hoar, S. W. Krska, M. C. White

Selected by Paul Richardson (Pfizer)



Editorial Board Focus: Prof. Irene Izzo

Università degli Studi di Salerno, Italy


Call for papers

SYNTHESIS Special Topics

  • Advances in Skeletal Editing and Rearrangement Reactions

  • PSRC-10 (10th Pacific Symposium on Radical Chemistry)

  • New Trends in Organic Synthesis from Chinese Chemists

  • Dual Catalysis

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SYNLETT Clusters

  • Biomimetic Synthesis

  • Natural Product Synthesis

  • Functional Dyes

  • Thieme Chemistry Journals Awardees 2023

  • Isotopic Labeling

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  • Chemical Strategies for Pest Management

  • Special Issue to Celebrate the Centenary Year of Prof. Sukh Dev 

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Organic Materials

  • 3D Printing in Organic Materials

  • Soluble Graphene Nanoarchitectures

  • Synthetic Extracellular Matrices

  • Organic Batteries

  • Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs)

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