复旦大学:中国中老年人群低骨骼肌相关的高尿酸血症 2022-06-22


Hyperuricemia Associated with Low Skeletal Muscle in the Middle-Aged and Elderly Population in China

Lingyan Chen, Li Wu, Qian Li, Yu Hu, Hui Ma, Huandong Lin, Xin Gao


Background Previous studies have presented inconsistent results on the relationship between serum uric acid and skeletal muscle mass (SMM). Chen et al aimed to explore whether a higher serum uric acid level was associated with low SMM in the Chinese population.

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Original Article

A Questionnaire Survey of German Thyroidologists on the Use of Thyroid Hormones in Hypothyroid and Euthyroid Patients: The THESIS (Treatment of Hypothyroidism in Europe by Specialists: An International Survey) Collaborative

Vardarli I et al.

Objective To identify the attitudes of German thyroid specialists towards the clinical treatment of hypothyroidism using thyroid hormones (TH).

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