The Journal of Knee Surgery: Issue 08/2024 is ready! 2024-07-08

Issue 08

July 2024

Special Focus Section

Cook, James L.:

Assessing Functional Outcomes After Knee Surgery

Colbrunn, Robb William; Loss, Jeremy Granieri; Gillespie, Callan Michael; Pace, Elizabeth Bailey; Nagle, Tara Francesca:

Methodology for Robotic In Vitro Testing of the Knee

Laupattarakasem, Pat; Cook, James L.; Stannard, James P.; Smith, Patrick A.; Blecha, Kyle M.; Guess, Trent M.; Sharp, Rex L.; Leary, Emily:

Using a Markerless Motion Capture System to Identify Preinjury Differences in Functional Assessments

Thomas, Jacob; Hall, Jamie B.; Schauffler, Rose; Guess, Trent M.:

Objective Clinical Measurement Tools for Functional Evaluation of the Surgical Patient

Oladeji, Lasun; Reynolds, Grace; Gonzales, Hyeri; DeFroda, Steven:

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Return to Play: Where Are We Now?

Kim, Kenneth C.; Wakeman, Brooke; Wissman, Rob:

Functional Imaging of the Knee—A Comprehensive Review

Original Article

Chan, Vincent W.K.; Chan, Ping Keung; Fu, Henry; Cheung, Man Hong; Cheung, Amy; Tang, Thomas C.M.; Chiu, Kwong Yuen:

Prediction of Total Knee Arthroplasty Sizes with Demographics, including Hand and Foot Sizes

Scholl, Laura Y; Hampp, Emily L.; Caba, Melanie; Azhar, Ali; Hameed, Daniel; Dubin, Jeremy; Crutcher, James P.; Mont, Michael A.; Mahoney, Ormonde M.:

Robotic-assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty Technology Provides a Repeatable and Reproducible Method of Assessing Soft Tissue Balance

Oyem, Precious C.; Rullán, Pedro J.; Pasqualini, Ignacio; Klika, Alison K.; Higuera, Carlos A.; Murray, Trevor G.; Krebs, Viktor E.; Piuzzi, Nicolas S.:

A Longitudinal Analysis of Weight Changes before and after Total Knee Arthroplasty: Weight Trends, Patterns, and Predictors

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