Facial Plastic Surgery issue 1/2024:面部整形外科原创研究 2024-02-01

Issue 01

February 2024



Issue 01 · Volume 40 · February 2024

Facial Plastic Surgery Original Research

Guest Editors: Anthony P. Sclafani, MD, MBA, FACS, and Alwyn D'Souza, MBBS, FRCS Eng, FRCS (ORL-HNS)

Original Research

Han, Chung Hee; Li, Jun; Lin, Xiaoyan; Park, Jae Hyun:

Comprehensive Assessment of Lower-Face Volume Reduction Using Laser-Assisted Liposuction as an Additive Procedure in Asian Rhytidectomy

Bertossi, Dario; Sacchetto, Luca; Chirumbolo, Salvatore; Panozzo, Giorgio; Kapoor, Krishan Mohan:

Single-Step Full-Face Surgical Treatment of the Facial Profile

Pascali, Michele; Chirico, Fabrizio; Rugge, Luigi; Rauso, Raffaele:

Aesthetic Surgical Pathway in Permanent Facial Filler Removal

Mandavia, R; Parmar, D.; Ahmed, M.N.; Berber, V.; Sanz, D.; Paulucci, B.; D'Souza, A.R.; on behalf of the EAFPS Rhinoplasty Research Network:

An Overview of Rhinoplasty Practices: European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery, Collaborative Cross-Sectional Study

De Henau, Melissa; van Kuijk, Sander M.J.; Colla, Carlo; Van den Kerckhove, Eric; Van der Hulst, Rene R.W.J.; Piatkowski, Andrzej:

Pressure Masks for Facial Scar Treatment after Oncological Reconstruction: Long-Term Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Life

Zou, Pei; Zhang, Kaili; Jin, Yi; Liu, Guangpeng:

The Efficacy of Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Wet Dressing in Reducing Eyelid Swelling and Bruising after Blepharoplasty: A Randomized, Controlled, and Observer-Blinded Assessment Study

Wong, Eugene Hung Chih; D'Souza, Alwyn:

Myomodulation Using Botulinum Toxin in Septorhinoplasty for Crooked Noses: Introducing the Concept and Application of Nasal Muscle Imbalance Theory

Song, Zhen; Zhang, Xulong; Xu, Yihao; You, Jianjun; Wang, Huan; Zheng, Ruobing; Tian, Le; Guo, Junsheng; Fan, Fei:

The Dynamic Changes in Skin Thickness of Forehead during Tissue Expansion

Lohuis, Peter J.F.M.; Maldonado-Chapa, Felix; Santos-Santillana, Karla M.; Filipović, Boris; Dirven, Richard; Karakullukcku, M. Baris; Karssemakers, Luc; Schreuder, Willem H.; Zuur, Charlotte L.; Timmermans, Jacqueline:

Optimizing Wound Care after Surgery of the Head and Neck: A Review of Dressing Materials

Yılmaz, Yetkin Zeki; Çakan, Dogan:

Effect of Locally Administered Estradiol on Wound Healing in a Nasal Septal Perforation Animal Model

Gill, P.; Levin, M.; Farhood, Z.; Asaria, J.:

Surgical Training Simulators for Rhinoplasty: A Systematic Review

Martins, Lessandro; Fagundes, Marina Serrato Coelho; Koener, Heloisa Nardi; Fakih-Gomez, Nabil; D'Souza, Alwyn R.:

The Fish Bone Technique: An Innovative Approach for the Bony Nasal Pyramid

Dell'Avanzato, Roberto; Agnelli, Benedetta; Cambiaso-Daniel, Janos; Gatti, Jonatann; Gualdi, Alessandro:

Can Local Infiltration Influence Postoperative Recovery in Upper Blepharoplasty? A Case Series Study on Two Different Infiltration Methods

Uyar, Ilker; Aksam, Ersin; Kopal, Can:

Nasal Sill Flap for Lip Lifting

Li, Guo; Wang, Hang:

Novel Applications of Concentrated Growth Factors in Facial Rejuvenation and Plastic Surgery

Kozlowski, Konrad M.; Rosston, Peter A.; Park, Asher C.; Hakimi, Amir A.; Socolovsky, Leandro; Wong, Brian J-F:

A Thirteen-Year Analysis of Facial Fractures among Professional Soccer Players