Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes: issue 1/2024 is online 2024-01-31

Issue 01

January 2024

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Acknowledgment to the Reviewers

Acknowledgment to the Reviewers


Zapała, Barbara; Marszalec, Patrycja; Piwowar, Monika; Chmura, Olaf; Milewicz, Tomasz:

Reduction in the Free Androgen Index in Overweight Women After Sixty Days of a Low Glycemic Diet

He, Yayi; Ma, Pan; Luo, Yuanlin; Gong, Xiaojuan; Gao, Jiayang; Sun, Yuxin; Chen, Pu; Zhang, Suliang; Tian, Yuxin; Shi, Bingyin; Zhang, Bao:

Novel Association of KLRC4-KLRK1 Gene Polymorphisms with Susceptibility and Progression of Antithyroid Drug-Induced Agranulocytosis

Prasad, Aravind; Rashmi, K. G; Sahoo, Jayaprakash; Kamalanathan, Sadishkumar; Wyawahare, Mukta; Anusuya, R; Naik, Dukhabandhu:

Male Hypogonadism After Recovery from Acute COVID-19 Infection: A Prospective Observational Study

Kara, Zehra; Eşkazan, Tuğçe; Şahin, Serdar; Durcan, Emre; Sulu, Cem; Demir, Ahmet Numan; Uysal, Serhat; Özkaya, Hande Mefkure; Yılmaz, Erkan; Hatemi, Ali İbrahim; Bolayırlı, İbrahim Murat; Kadıoğlu, Pınar:

Is There A Connection Between Primary Hypophysitis and Celiac Disease?

Kim, Ja Hye; Lee, Yena; Hwang, Soojin; Yoon, Ji-Hee; Kim, Gu-Hwan; Yoo, Han-Wook; Choi, Jin-Ho:

Impact of Early Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventions and Clinical Course in Children and Adolescents with Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Types 1 and 2

Letter to the Editor

Papachristou, S.; Kazakos, K.; Moschos, I.; Papazoglou, D.; Papanas, N.:

Advanced Glycation End Products and Well-Being in Male Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus