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April 2024

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Hollyer, Ian; Cabell, Akaila C.; Duncan, Stephen T.; Rossi, Stefano M. P.; Sculco, Peter K.; Barnes, C. Lowry; Amanatullah, Derek F.:

Practice Changes Induced by a Traveling Fellowship

Stratton, Alex; Wanless, Malcolm; Abidi, Nicholas:

Total Knee Conversion Rates and Functional Outcome After Calcium Phosphate Injection for Bone Marrow Lesions of the Knee

Brusalis, Christopher M.; Huddleston, Hailey P.; Lavalva, Scott M.; Gottlieb, Dana; Fletcher, Connor; Hinkley, Paige; Gomoll, Andreas H.; Strickland, Sabrina M.:

Short-Term Outcomes of Concomitant Patellofemoral Arthroplasty and Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Reconstruction to Treat Concurrent Patellofemoral Arthritis and Patellar Instability

Iriuchishima, Takanori; Goto, Bunsei:

Can the ACL Cross-Sectional Area Be Predicted? Size Correlation and Proportion between the ACL Cross-Sectional Area and the Femoral Intercondylar Notch Area

Oosten, James D.; DiBartola, Alex C.; Wright, Jonathan C.; Cavendish, Parker A.; Milliron, Eric M.; Magnussen, Robert A.; Duerr, Robert A.; Kaeding, Christopher C.; Flanigan, David C.:

More Is Not Merrier: Increasing Numbers of All-Inside Implants Do Not Correlate with Higher Odds of Revision Surgery

Sax, Oliver C.; Douglas, Scott J.; Chen, Zhongming; Bains, Sandeep S.; Remily, Ethan A.; Delanois, Ronald E.:

C. Difficile Infection within 6 Months before TKA Is Associated with Increased Short-Term Complications

Choi, Yun Seong; Chang, Moon Jong; Shin, Young Bin; Kim, Tae Woo; Chang, Chong Bum; Kang, Seung-Baik:

The Relationship between Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index Score and Satisfaction after Total Knee Arthroplasty Changes Over Time

Daniel, Adam V.; Sheth, Chirag D.; Shubert, Daniel J.; Smith, Patrick A.:

Primary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Suture Tape Augmentation: A Case Series of 252 Patients

Figueroa, David; Guiloff, Rodrigo; Prado, Tomas; Figureoa, Loreto; Sotomayor, Juan Jose; Alarcon, Alberto; Figueroa, Francisco; Vaisman, Alex; Calvo, Rafael:

Early Postoperative Results in Robotic-Arm-Assisted Total Knee Replacement versus Conventional Technique: First Latin American Experience

Heiman, Erick; Menken, Luke G.; Tang, Alex; Vialonga, Mason; Jankowski, Jaclyn M.; Liporace, Frank A.; Yoon, Richard S.:

Early versus Standard Weight Bearing Following Operative Treatment of Tibial Plateau Fractures: Do We Really Have to Wait So Long?

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