VCOT Open:狗前臂浸润性肌内脂肪瘤 2023-09-18
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本刊是一本开放获取期刊,确保最大限度地提高其研究的可见性和可获取性。它提供了一个专门针对兽医学领域的平台,使作者能够触及兽医保健专业人员和研究人员的目标受众。此外,VCOT Open 还提供严格的同行评审流程,确保发表高质量、可靠的科研成果。欢迎投稿。

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Case Report

Infiltrative Intramuscular Lipoma in the Antebrachium of a Dog

Francesca Tirillini, Stephen Clarke, Amy Ferreira, Stephen J. Baines

This case report describes a dog with an infiltrative intramuscular lipoma in the antebrachium, presenting with chronic left forelimb lameness and altered posture of the digits. Computed tomography showed a fat-attenuating mass displacing the flexor tendons. The mass was surgically excised along with the affected muscle belly and tendon; histopathological examination revealed infiltration of adipose tissue cells within the muscle belly and tendon sheath of the deep digital flexor muscle. After removal of the lipoma, lameness resolved, full ambulatory function returned, without recurrence at 1 year follow-up.