Thieme Chemistry | 5月有机化学内容精选 2023-05-26

Thieme Chemistry最新一期的精选内容来了,不要错过有机化学领域正在发生的精彩内容。


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Carbonyl Allylation and Crotylation: Historical Perspective, Relevance to Polyketide Synthesis, and Evolution of Enantioselective Ruthenium-Catalyzed Hydrogen Auto-Transfer Processes

Eliezer Ortiz, Connor Saludares, Jessica Wu, Yoon Cho, Catherine G. Santana, Michael J. Krische

Carbonyl Allylation and Crotylation.gif

Efficient and Scalable Syntheses of 1,2-Thiaselenane-4-amine and 1,2-Thiaselenane-5-amine

Lukas Zeisel, Martin S. Maier, Oliver Thorn-eshold 

Efficient and Scalable Syntheses.gif


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A Cyclobutanol Ring-Expansion Approach to Oxygenated Carbazoles: Total Synthesis of Glycoborine, Carbazomycin A and Carbazomycin B

Philipp NathoLewis A. T. AllenPhilip J. Parsons 

A Cyclobutanol Ring-Expansion Approach.gif

Organic Materials

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Upcoming Focus Sections - Call for papers


Covalent Organic Frameworks


朱晓张 教授



投稿截止日期: 2023年7月31日

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Impact of n-Doping Mechanisms on the Molecular Packing and Electron Mobilities of Molecular Semiconductors for Organic Thermoelectrics

Yan Zeng, Guangchao Han, Yuanping Yi

Impact of n-Doping Mechanisms.jpg



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Recent Applications on Dual-Catalysis for C–C and C–X Cross-Coupling Reactions

Dakoju Ravi Kishore, Chinnabattigalla Sreenivasulu, Anil Balajirao Dapkekar, Gedu Satyanarayana

Recent Applications on Dual-Catalysis.gif


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Photocatalytic Dehydrogenative Amination of Cyclohexanones

Original article by  Fan Y, Zheng H, Labalme S, Lin W. 

Selected by Yasuhiro UozumiShintaro Okumura

Photocatalytic Dehydrogenative.jpg


Editorial Board Focus: Prof. Jung Min Joo

Department of Chemistry, Kyung Hee University, South Korea


Call for papers

SYNTHESIS Special Topics

  • Advances in Skeletal Editing and Rearrangement Reactions

  • C–H Bond Functionalization of Heterocycles

  • Electrochemical Organic Synthesis

  • Emerging Trends in Glycoscience

  • Honoring Prof. Guoqiang Lin's Contributions to the Organic Chemistry

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SYNLETT Clusters

  • Special Issue Honoring Masahiro Murakami’s Contributions to Science

  • Biomimetic Synthesis

  • Modern Boron Chemistry: 60 Years of the Matteson Reaction

  • 11th Singapore International Chemistry Conference (SICC-11)

  • Natural Product Synthesis

  • Functional Dyes

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Organic Materials

  • Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs)

  • 3D Printing in Organic Materials

  • Soluble Graphene Nanoarchitectures

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